Mycobacterium tuberculosis Ab85A Products

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Species: Ba
Applications: PAGE


Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigen 85 is a complex of three related gene products of 30-31 kDa, Ag85A, B and C. These proteins are responsible for the high affinity of mycobacteria to fibronectin. All three proteins possesses a mycolyltransferase activity - which is required for the biogenesis of trehalose dimycolate (cord factor), a dominant structure necessary for maintaining cell wall integrity. Thus all three proteins are involved in the final stages of mycobacterial cell wall assembly.


Alternate Names
  • Antigen 85 complex A
  • Secreted antigen Ag85A
  • Rv3804c
  • Mycolyl transferase 85A
  • Mycolyl transferase 85 A
  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigen 85A
  • Mpt44
  • Mpt 44
  • Fibronectin Binding protein A
  • FbpA
  • Fbp A
  • Antigen 85A
  • Antigen 85 complex A
  • Antigen 85 A
  • Ag85A
  • 85A
  • 85 A