Mind Bomb 2/MIB2 Products

Mind Bomb 2/MIB2 Antibody (73 ...
Mind Bomb 2/MIB2 Antibody (739505)
Species: Hu
Applications: WB
Host: Mouse Monoclonal
Mind Bomb 2/MIB2 Antibody (73 ...
Mind Bomb 2/MIB2 Antibody (739501)
Species: Hu
Applications: ICC
Host: Mouse Monoclonal
Mind Bomb 2/MIB2 Antibody
Mind Bomb 2/MIB2 Antibody
Species: Hu, Pm
Applications: WB
Host: Rabbit Polyclonal
Mind Bomb 2/MIB2 Recombinant ...
Mind Bomb 2/MIB2 Recombinant Prote...
Species: Hu
Applications: B/N, Ctrl
Recombinant Human Mind Bomb 2 ...
Recombinant Human Mind Bomb 2/MIB2...
Species: Hu
Applications: WB, ELISA, PA
Mind Bomb 2/MIB2 RNAi
Mind Bomb 2/MIB2 RNAi
Species: Hu
Applications: RNAi, RNAi SP


MIB2/Skeletrophin is an actin-binding protein that bears two MIB/HERC2 domains, a ZZ-type zinc-finger domain, nine ankyrin repeats, and two RING-finger domains. The C-terminal RING domain has been found to have E3 ubiquitin ligase activity that mediates ubiquitination of the intracellular regions of the Notch receptor and its ligands to regulate Notch signaling. MIB2/Skeletrophin appears to be important to muscle development and may function as a suppressor of melanoma invasion.


Entrez Human
Uniprot Human
Product By Gene ID 142678
Alternate Names
  • EC
  • EC 6.3.2
  • Skeletrophin
  • FLJ41406
  • SKD
  • FLJ20648
  • Novelzin
  • ZZANK1
  • EC 6.3.2.-
  • Zinc finger ZZ type with ankyrin repeat domain protein 1
  • novelzin
  • Putative NF-kappa-B-activating protein 002N
  • E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase MIB2
  • Novel zinc finger protein
  • Mind bomb homolog 2
  • ZZ type with ankyrin repeat domain 1
  • mindbomb homolog 2 (Drosophila)

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