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Histone Nucleosome Core Antib ...
Histone Nucleosome Core Antibody
Species: Bv
Applications: WB, IP
Host: Sheep Polyclonal


In diploid eukaryotic cells, the chromatin fibers are about 20nM in diameter. They consist of two major components in equal amounts, DNA and basic proteins called histones. Histones are believed to be regularly arranged in the deep grove of the DNA helix. The recurring positive charges of the histones form electrostatic associations with the negatively charged phosphate groups of DNA making the DNA more stable and flexible. This allows for the supercoiling of the chromatin fibers. The histone core protein is an octamer consisting of 2 subunits of each of histone 2A, 2B, 3 and 4. In conjunction with the linker histone H1 and the nonhistone chromosomal proteins, it is responsible for the binding and compacting of DNA into chromatin. The sequences of the core histones are highly conserved from species to species.

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