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Recombinant Bacterial GrpE Pr ...
Recombinant Bacterial GrpE Protein
Species: Ba
Applications: PAGE


GrpE,co-chaperone of E.coli, participates actively in the response to hyperosomotic and heat shock by preventing the aggregation of stress-denatured proteins in association with DnaK. This protein is the nucleotide exchange factor for DnaK and may function as a thermosensor. Several rounds of ATP-dependent interactions between DnaJ, Dna K and GrpE are required for fully efficient folding.Recombinant GrpE protein was overexpressed in E.coli and purified by using the conventional column chromatography techniques.


Alternate Names
  • HSP-70 cofactor
  • HSP24
  • Heat shock protein B25.3