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Human Estrone ELISA Kit (Colo ...
Human Estrone ELISA Kit (Colorimet...
Species: Hu
Applications: ELISA


Estrone, estradiol, and estriol are all estrogens natural to the human body. They belong to the group of steroid hormones, and are mostly responsible for the growth of female characteristics in puberty and also regulation of the menstrual cycle. They are produced primarily in the ovaries but are also manufactured from androstenedione in fat cells, muscle cells, and skin. Oral estrogen is converted to estrone(less potent) by the gut and liver, reversing the normal premenopausal 2:1 ratio of 17b-oestradiol to estrone. Estrone Levels 1. Men 2.90 - 7.50 pg/0.1 ml 2. Women (days of menstrual cycle) 1-10 days 4.30 - 18.0 pg/0.1 ml 11-20 days 7.50 - 19.6 pg/0.1 ml 21-30 days 13.1 - 20.1 pg/0.1 ml


Alternate Names
  • Oestrone