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Recombinant Human Defensin al ...
Recombinant Human Defensin alpha 3...
Species: Hu
Applications: WB, ELISA, PA, PAGE, AP
Recombinant Human Defensin al ...
Recombinant Human Defensin alpha 3...
Species: Hu
Recombinant Defensin alpha 3 ...
Recombinant Defensin alpha 3 Protein


Defensins are a family of microbicidal and cytotoxic peptides thought to be involved in host defense. They are abundant in the granules of neutrophils and also found in the epithelia of mucosal surfaces such as those of the intestine, respiratory tract, urinary tract, and vagina. Members of the defensin family are highly similar in protein sequence and distinguished by a conserved cysteine motif. Several alpha defensin genes appear to be clustered on chromosome 8. The protein encoded by this gene, defensin, alpha 3, is found in the microbicidal granules of neutrophils and likely plays a role in phagocyte-mediated host defense. It differs from defensin, alpha 1 by only one amino acid. [provided by RefSeq]


Entrez Human
Uniprot Human
Product By Gene ID 1668
Alternate Names
  • Defensin, alpha 3
  • HP3
  • neutrophil peptide 3
  • HP-3
  • neutrophil defensin 3
  • DEF3
  • HNP-3defensin 3, neutrophil-specific
  • HNP3
  • defensin, alpha 3, neutrophil-specific

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Gene Conversion
Reverse Transcription
Immune Response
Tissue Homeostasis
Inflammatory Response

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