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Adenylyl cyclases function to convert ATP to cyclic AMP in response to activation by a variety of hormones, neurotransmitters and other regulatory molecules. Cyclic AMP, in turn, activates several other target molecules to control a broad range of diverse phenomena such as metabolism, gene transcription and memory. Adenylyl cyclases respond to receptor-initiated signals, mediated by the Gs and Gi heterotrimeric G proteins. The binding of an agonist to a Gscoupled receptor catalyzes the exchange of GDP (bound to Galphas) for GTP, the dissociation of GTP-Galphas from Gbetagamma and Galphas-mediated activation of adenylyl cyclase. Adenylyl cyclases V (AC V) and VI (AC VI) have multiple messages. AC V and AC VI are highly expressed in heart. Unlike AC VI, AC V is expressed to a lesser extent in brain and is absent in a variety of other tissues. Both AC V and AC VI can be stimulated by NaF, guanosine 5'-[gamma-thio]triphosphoate and Forskolin but not by Ca2+/calmodulin. Activation of the D2 dopaminergic and m4 muscarine receptors inhibit the activity of adenylyl cyclase isozymes I, V, VI and VIII, whereas type II, IV and VII are stimulated and type III is not affected.


Entrez Human
Uniprot Human
Product By Gene ID 111
Alternate Names
  • adenylate cyclase type 5
  • ATP pyrophosphate-lyase 5
  • Adenylyl cyclase 5
  • Adenylate cyclase type V
  • AC5
  • EC
  • adenylate cyclase 5

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