2A Peptide Products


Initially discovered from the foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV, a picornavirus), 2A peptide is a self-cleaving peptide 18-22 amino acids long with a conserved C-terminal motif Asp-Val/Ile-Glu-X-Asn-Pro-Gly-Pro. All picornaviruses have 2A peptides but they differ in size and function. The FMDV genome is a single open reading frame encoding a polyprotein and 2A denotes a specific cleavage region within the polyprotein. Co-translational cleavage of the FMDV polyprotein is not mediated by a proteolytic mechanism but rather by "ribosomal skipping" or "StopGO" at the 2A/2B junction. When synthesis terminates at a sense codon, the polypeptide is released before resuming translation at the next codon (1, 2).

Developed for genetic engineering, 2A cleavage has been shown to function in a wide range of eukaryotic cells, and in vivo (3). The 2A peptide is inserted between the coding sequences of at least two genes, enabling the simultaneous expression of multiple proteins from a single plasmid construct. Four variants of 2A peptides have been used in gene expression systems including FMDV 2A (F2A), equine rhinitis A virus 2A (E2A), porcine teschovirus-1 2A (P2A) or Thoseaasigna virus 2A (T2A). Compared to other multi-gene co-expression systems such as IRES, 2A peptides results in stoichiometric expression of different proteins. However, cleaving efficiency and protein expression using the different 2A peptides varies, requiring optimization of polycistronic constructs for experiments.


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Alternate Names
  • MDV 2A-peptide
  • 2A-like peptide
  • P2A peptide
  • P2A tagged proteins
  • T2A peptide
  • T2A tagged proteins
  • Thosea asigna virus 2A
  • self-cleaving 2A peptide
  • 2A cleavage peptide
  • 2A peptide
  • 2A Peptide Antibody
  • 2A sequence
  • peptide 2A sequences
  • 2A peptide tag
  • antibody for 2A-containing recombinant proteins
  • FMDV 2A-peptide
  • FMDV 2A-peptide antibody
  • Thosea asigna virus 2A antibody