Winter is coming, and TRPM8 welcomes the cold!

TRPM8, or transient receptor potential melastatin 8, is a nonselective cation channel that is activated by cold environments and menthol-like cooling compounds.  While TRPM8 is best known for its location in peripheral nerve endings, it has functionality both inside and out of the nervous system.  Within the nervous system, TRPM8 is responsible for our response to cold and or menthol like stimuli.  Our reaction to cold sensation is involved in a variety of processes and can be a part of reactions such as asthma.  Outside of the nervous system, TRPM8 has shown high expression in pro

TRPA1: A contributor to itching and inflammation? Scratch that!

Transient receptor potential A1 (TRPA1) is an ion channel found on the plasma membrane of many cell types that functions in diverse sensory processes such as pain and temperature. The TRPA1 ion channel is specifically expressed in nociceptive neurons, as well as neurons who express the related protein TRPV1. In fact, Brierly et al used a TRPA1 antibody to discover that this ion channel is largely present on smaller neurons vs larger ones (1).

Touch Infographic: From Touch Receptors to the Brain

The body contains thousands of receptors and nerves which allow us to experience the sense of touch, also referred to as tactile perception. The somatosensory system allows organisms to perceive and decode a wide range of tactile stimuli to allow for the recognition of objects, ability to discern textures and provide feedback on sensory-motor systems. 

Touch Infographic: From Touch Receptors to the Brain