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Caspase 9 - an important apoptosis marker

Caspases are essential mediators of programmed cell death and are needed for both the induction of apoptosis as well as for aiding the degradation of cellular structures. Initiator caspases (such as Caspase-9) sense and respond to various signals including intracellular stress or binding of the death receptor to external ligands. Upon dimerization, initiator caspases gets activated, which follows cleavage of downstream effector caspases for carrying out the apoptotic program.

Heat Shock Proteins: An Overview

Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs) are a ubiquitous group of molecular chaperone proteins that have evolved unique mechanisms, within their host cells, to facilitate survival in hostile environments such as heat, oxidative (hypoxia), pH and cold.

The Role of the Caspase 3 Antibody in Apoptosis Research