Novus Biologicals launches new v6.5 Mouse embryonic stem cells

Novus recently launched a new stem cell line for v6.5 Mouse embryonic stem cells. This stem cell line is the parent strain of the DGCR8 knockout cell line. The v6.5 Mouse embryonic stem cell line is widely used to examine cell differentiation in its early stages. Mouse models provide the advantage of analyzing embryonic cell function in mammals with the goal of applying this knowledge to therapies suitable for humans. 

Though embryonic stem (ES) cells could be a potential therapeutic mechanism, much is unknown and unverified about the way that ES cells reproduce to make functional clones. In a study by Brambrink et al using v6.5 ES cells, researchers found that ES cell lines derived from cloned mouse blastocysts created by nuclear transplantation (NT) had the same functionality and gene expression as fertilized mouse blastocysts. It was inferred that the NT-ES cells had “erased the ‘epigenetic memory’ of the donor nucleus” and therefore were indistinguishable from ES cells developed in the fetus (PMID: 16418286). The ability for these clones to transcriptionally and functionally act the same as fertilized blastocysts implicates an increased potential of using cloned ES cells as therapy.

To produce the v6.5 Mouse ES cells, the inner cell masses from embryos from a C57BL/6 (F) x 129/SV (M) cross were harvested in vitro. The DGCR8 knockout cell line is derived from this cell line by the deletion of the DGCR8 gene. DGCR8 is an RNA binding protein that is involved in the processing of microRNAs.

The v6.5 Mouse embryonic stem cell line is available in 2 ml aliquots (1 x 106 cells/mL). For more information on this cell line and to view the suggested protocol for growing v6.5 Mouse ES cells, view the datasheet here.


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Release Date: 
Friday, June 18, 2010 - 06:00