Novus announces new Antibody Packs useful for Stem Cell Research

Novus Biologicals recently launched four new antibody packs that include various panels of stem cell marker antibodies. These new packs include: the Pluripotent Stem Cell Transcription Factor Pack (NBP1-42823), the Essential iPSC Factor Pack (NBP1-42824), the Human ESC Marker Pack (NBP1-42825), and the Neural Stem Cell Marker Pack (NBP1-42826). These Antibody Packs provide the advantage of testing multiple antibodies made to related targets at the same time for a discounted price. All of these antibody packs pertain to stem cell research.

The Pluripotent Stem Cell Transcription Factor Pack includes the following three antibodies: Nanog (NB100-588), Oct4 (NB100-2379), SOX2 (NB110-37235). These antibodies are specific to early human embryonic stem cell transcription factors essential to the pluripotency of these cells. Nanog directs the propagation of embryonic stem cells whereas Oct4 is involved with the preservation of pluripotency in adult stem cells. SOX2 influences the determination of cell fate. These factors are often referred to as the “core” pluripotency factors in human ESCs.

The Essential iPSC Factor Pack includes the core pluripotency factors Nanog, Oct4 and SOX2 antibodies as well as KLF4 (NBP1-39760), Lin28 (NBP1-28865), and c-Myc (NB600-302). The antibodies included in this induced pluripotent stem cell pack all relate to cell fate and determination. KLF4 and c-Myc may play a role as oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes. Lin28 is involved with the timing of developmental events.This combination of stem cell factors has commonly been used for hESC and iPSC characterization.

The Human ESC Marker Pack includes antibodies that exclusively react with human embryonic stem cell markers. The antibodies in this pack consist of: SSEA1 (NB100-1831), Nanog (NB100-588), SSEA3 (NB100-1832), Oct4 (NB100-2379), TRA-1-60 (NB100-730) and TRA-1-81 (NB100-1833). SSEA1 and SSEA3 are both stage-specific embryonic antigens that are key factors in cell differentiation. SSEA1 is expressed by some human differentiated cell types (e.g. trophoblasts) and by mouse ES and EC cells. SSEA1 is an excellent control for undifferentiated human ES cells. SSEA-3 is expressed on the surface of human teratocarcinoma stem cells (EC), human embryonic germ cells (EG) and human embryonic stem cells (ES). Both TRA-1-60 and TRA-1-081 antigens are specific extracellular matrix molecules expressed on the surface of human embryonic stem cells (ES) as well as teratocarcinoma stem cells (EC), and human embryonic germ cells (EG). All antibodies included in the Human ESC Marker Pack can be used in FACS.

Antibodies in the Neural Stem Cell Marker Pack are all proteins that affect neuronal development. The antibodies included in this pack are GFAP (NB300-142), SOX2 (NB110-37235), beta III Tubulin (NB110-57610), Nestin (NB300-266), and HMGB1 (NB100-2322) antibodies. GFAP is specifically expressed in astrocytes and is often used as an astrocytic marker. Nestin is a predominant marker for stem/progenitor cells in the central nervous system. Beta III Tubulin is a neuron-specific marker and its expression is one of the earliest markers to signal neuronal commitment. HMGB1 binds DNA and is associated with chromatin.

Each of these antibody packs is useful in a variety of research applications, including Immunofluorescence, Western Blot, Immunohistochemistry, and FACS analyses. View the pack datasheets to see images from these tests.


For more information on these new stem cell antibody packs or to inquire about product collaborations, please contact the Novus Product Development Team by calling 303-730-1950 or via e-mail at

Release Date: 
Monday, July 12, 2010 - 06:00