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Antibody Labeling Kits

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Support Kits for Antibody Labeling

Many commercially available antibodies are offered at low concentrations and contain low molecular weight substances (BSA, glycine, tris, azide) that interfere in the labeling reaction. Novus Biologicals a simple solution to remove additives and concentrate your antibody for successful labeling. We offer a range of purification kits to quickly and simply purify your antibody depending on its starting concentration and buffer formulation.

  • Antibody Purification and Concentration Kits

    Novus offers a range of easy to use accessory kits to separate antibodies from unfavorable starting formulations, allowing for downstream use of virtually any antibody with the Lightning-Link™ reaction. The AbSelect™ range involves the capture of the antibody on a protein A resin that has been immobilized to agarose beads. Unwanted substances are removed by simple wash steps, and finally the captured antibody is eluted in a buffer compatible with Lightning-Link™.

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    To determine which antibody purification or concentration kit is best for your starting antibody, follow the flow chart below:

    Antibody Purification

    Each purification and concentration kit is briefly described below:

    AbSelect™ Antibody Purification System (860-0010) - Readily removes unwanted proteins, preservatives, amino acids, and other components that can interfere with labeling reactions. It can either be used to purify antibodies from crude samples - (ascites fluid or serum) or poor buffer formulations (buffers containing high concentrations of BSA, azide or Tris). This kit can be used to purify up to 0.5mg of antibody in a volume of 100 to 500ul.

    AbSelect Serum Purification Systems (863-0500) - Antibodies generated from ascites fluid and serums are often supplied as crude formulations. The AbSelect Serum system is a fast and simple method to purify antibodies from these types of media and can be used to purify up to 20mg of antibody.

    AbSelect TCS System (862-0030) - Antibodies are often generated from hybridoma cell lines and supplied in tissue culture supernatant (TCS). The AbSelect TCS system is a fast and simple method to purify antibodies from 10-50mls of TCS.

    Antibody Concentration and Cleanup Kit (861-0010) - Allows for the quick and easy concentration of antibodies. The kit can also be used to reduce the concentration of any undesirable low molecular weight additives. The antibody clean up kit method utilizes a simple spin column to quickly remove excess buffer from the antibody, providing a more concentrated antibody solution.