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Novus Biologicals helps you find the perfect antibodies for your experiments.

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Antibody Concierge: Need Help Searching Novus Antibody Catalog?

Can’t find the perfect antibody to match your application, species, or epitope of interest? Novus Antibody Concierge is a free service to help your antibody research process. We help you identify the best antibody for your experiments.

Novus Biologicals likely has the right antibody to fit your needs. Novus’ expansive antibody catalog includes more than 80,000 primary antibodies to nearly 20,000 targets, which include rare targets and multiple epitopes per target.

Contact our Technical Support team through Novus Antibody Concierge for assistance in your antibody research.


How Novus Antibody Concierge Works?

Complete antibody form   Process antibody catalog   Inform of antibody match

Submit the form below containing all the essential information about your antibody needs such as target, species, application, etc.


We will search Novus’ antibody catalog for applicable products based on your request. Please allow 2 business days.


We will email you the results, identifying the best antibody to fit your needs.

Learn how to search the Novus’ antibody catalog and use available filters (e.g., Applications, Reactivity, Available Conjugates, Antibody Validation) to quickly find the best antibody.


Watch informative video for tips on how to efficiently search for the perfect antibody to support your experiments.

If the perfect antibody is not yet available at Novus’ antibody catalog, inquire about a custom order.


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If required, we will not recommend products that otherwise meet your needs
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