The Precipitor™ system is an automated magnetic bead platform for high-throughput precipitation and purification of proteins. Combining a 96 deep-well plate with affinity conjugated magnetic beads,  Precipitor™ easily handles 16 different assays simultaneously by transferring beads from one well to the next for mixing, binding, washing, and elution reactions via the robotic action of parallel magnetic rods. It simplifies the routine yet labor intensive process, and addresses the needs of rigorous proteomic screening and biomarker discovery applications such as immunoprecipitaton (IP, ChIP, RIP), recombinant protein purification, and protein-protein interaction. Precipitor™ delivers reproducible and consistent results by anticipating and eliminating the common drawbacks of manual operation. Its integrated onscreen display allows easy manipulation of parameters tailored specifically to your experiment.  For more information click here.