Western Blot protocol for Telomerase reverse transcriptase Antibody (NB100-317)

Western Blot Procedure

1. Resolve protein samples on a 7.5% SDS-PAGE.
2. Transfer proteins to PVDF membranes.
3. Block the membrane with 5% NFDM in PBST overnight at 4C.
4. Dilute primary TERT antibody (NB 100-317) in PBST + 1% BSA.
5. Incubate membrane for 1 hour at RT.
6. Wash 3 times ten minutes on a shaker.
7. Incubate membrane with HRP conjugated secondary for 1 hour (RT), diluted in PBST + 1% BSA.
8. Wash 3 times ten minutes on a shaker.
9. Add ECL reagent, as per kit directions, and expose.

**NOTE: This primary antibody is made in mouse and the isotype of the antibody is IgM.