Material Safety Datasheet (NBP2-31220)

Hazard Information
Chemical Name: Non hazardous products
Chemical Formula: N/A
CAS Number: N/A

Hazard Identification
First Aid Measures
Eye Contact: None
Skin Contact: None
Inhalation: None
Ingestion: None

Accidental Release Measures
This product either does not contain hazardous constituents or the concentration of all chemical constituents are below the regulatory threshold limits described by Occupational Safety Health Administration Hazard Communication Standard 29 CFR 1910.1200 and the European Directive 91/155/EEC. 88/379/EEC, and 67/546/EEC.

Handling and Storage
Exposure Controls / Personal Protection
Other Precautions: None

Physical and Chemical Properties
Form: N/A
Color: N/A
Odor: N/A
Melting Point: N/A
Boiling Temperature: N/A
Density: N/A
Vapor Pressure: N/A
Solubility in Water: N/A
Flash Point: N/A
Explosion limits: N/A
Ignition Temperature: N/A