Shipping Policy

Our shipping costs are determined based on the country to which your order is sent - view the shipping cost table here.  Shipping is only charged once - if your order must be sent in separate shipments, you will only be charged for shipping once, NOT multiple times.  If you wish to charge shipping to your FedEx account, you may do so and will only be charged a material and handling fee. We ship all peptides, proteins and lysates on dry ice.

US packages are shipped Standard Overnight via FedEx for arrival Monday – Friday before 3pm. Please alert our customer service team when you order if your location has special delivery instructions, including closures. Our products are perishable and require that the customer or a designated recipient is present to accept delivery of the item, unless prior arrangements exist with FedEx. Our products are shipped in temperature controlled packaging to keep products stable for up to 72 hours. Novus Biologicals reserves the right to review all deliveries prior to offering a refund or replacement for any errors beyond our control. To receive email confirmation of your order shipment, please contact our customer service team to add your contact info to the order.

Have any questions? Get in touch with our Customer Service Team by clicking here.