Human Rectum Tissue MicroArray (Tumor)


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Human Rectum Tissue MicroArray (Tumor) Summary

Microarray Panel:
Human Rectum Tumor Tissue

  1. 2 Tissue Array Slides per package
  2. Certificate of Analysis
  3. Data Sheet

    1. PositionAgeSexOrganPathological DiagnosisTumor HistoryTumor Size ( cm)DifferentiationTNMTissue IDImage
      A129FPlacentaHuman Normal PlacentaHT00031
      A354FRectumAdenocarcinoma3 months6x5x3ModeratelyT3N1M1HT00564
      A443MRectumAdenocarcinoma1 month4x4x3ModeratelyT2N1M0HT00565
      A549MRectumAdenocarcinoma20 days4x3x3ModeratelyT2N1M0HT00566
      A649MRectumAdenocarcinoma20 days5x4x3Moderately - WellT3N2M1HT00567
      A738FRectumAdenocarcinoma20 days4.5x4x4Moderately - WellT3N3M0HT00568
      A850FRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer4 months5x7WellT3N3M0HT00569
      A964MRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer3 months3x3WellT2N1M0HT00570
      A1060FRectumAdenocarcinoma1 year6.5x6x1N/AT3N3M1HT00571
      A1162FRectumAdenocarcinoma3 months +Diameter 6 cmModeratelyT3N2M0HT00572
      B146MRectumAdenocarcinoma, cauliflower-like1 yearDiameter 2.5 cmModeratelyT2N0M0HT00573
      B251FRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer2 months +Diameter 5 cmModeratelyT3N1M0HT00574
      B366MRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer3 months6.5x6x3ModeratelyT3N1M0HT00575
      B432MRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer1 year6x5WellT3N2M0HT00576
      B558FRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer6 months4.5x3ModeratelyT2N2M0HT00577
      B658MRectumAdenocarcinoma30 days4.5x4x3WellT2N1M0HT00578
      B772FRectumSquamous cell carcinoma15 days3x5ModeratelyT3N0M0HT00579
      B843MRectumAdenocarcinoma15 days3.5x3x1.2Moderately - WellT2N2M0HT00580
      B936MRectumAdenocarcinoma10 days5x3.5x2WellT3N2M0HT00581
      B1059MRectumAdenocarcinoma20 days5x4x3Moderately - WellT3N4M1HT00582
      B1148MRectumAdenocarcinoma1 month4x4x2Moderately- PoorlyT2N0M0HT00583
      C1AdultMRectumAdenocarcinoma1 month3x3x1Moderately - WellT2N0M0HT00584
      C242MRectumAdenocarcinoma1 month4x3.5x1Moderately - WellT2N0M0HT00585
      C340FRectumAdenocarcinoma3 months2.5x2x0.8Moderately- PoorlyT2N2M0HT00586
      C451MRectumAdenocarcinoma15 days3x3x2Moderately - WellT2N0M0HT00587
      C550MRectumAdenocarcinoma40 days4x3x3ModeratelyT2N0M0HT00588
      C650FRectumAdenocarcinoma16 days2.7x2.5x0.7ModeratelyT2N0M0HT00589
      C746MRectumAdenocarcinoma24 days2.8x2.5x0.8WellT2N0M0HT00590
      C858MRectumAdenocarcinoma20 days5x4x3Moderately - WellT3N0M0HT00591
      C963MRectumAdenocarcinoma1 month4x3x2.5ModeratelyT2N0M0HT00592
      C1065MRectumAdenocarcinoma50 days2.7x2.2x1Moderately - WellT2N0M0HT00593
      C1156MRectumAdenocarcinoma10 days2.5x1.5x0.7WellT2N0M0HT00594
      D146FRectumAdenocarcinoma1.5 months5.5x5x3.5PoorlyT2N0M0HT00595
      D247MRectumAdenocarcinoma15 days2x1.5x1WellT2N0M0HT00596
      D355MRectumAdenocarcinoma16 days2.5x2.5x2ModeratelyT2N0M0HT00597
      D479FRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer1 month5.5x3WellT3N9M1HT00598
      D563MRectumAdenocarcinoma20 days5x4x3ModeratelyT3N2M0HT00599
      D670FRectumAdenocarcinoma, mucous5 months +4.5X3X1WellT2N0M0HT00600
      D757FRectumAdenocarcinoma, cauliflower-like2 weeks +2.5x2x1ModeratelyT2N0M0HT00601
      D883MRectumAdenocarcinoma2 years +5.5x2.5x2ModeratelyT3N1M0HT00602
      D970MRectumAdenosquamous1 year3x4ModeratelyT2N0M0HT00603
      D1060MRectumAdenocarcinoma3 monthsDiameter 3.5 cmN/AT2N0M0HT00604
      D1123MRectumAdenocarcinoma6 months6x4.5x1.5WellT3N0M0HT00605
      E167MRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer16 days5x3.2x1.5ModeratelyT3N0M0HT00606
      E259MRectumAdenocarcinoma8 months5X4X1.2Moderately - WellT3N0M0HT00607
      E357MRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer10 days3x1.5x1WellT2N0M0HT00608
      E462FRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer6 monthsDiameter 3 cmModeratelyT2N0M0HT00609
      E545MRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer3 weeks5.5x4x2WellT3N0M0HT00610
      E660MRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer1 month3x2.5x1ModeratelyT2N0M0HT00611
      E757MRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer10 months4.8x4x1.5ModeratelyT3N0M0HT00612
      E845MRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer1 month3x4WellT2N0M0HT00613
      E973MRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer2 months6x7WellT3N0M0HT00614
      E1064FRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer9 months8x3WellT3N0M0HT00615
      E1171FRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer7 days3x3x2WellT2N0M0HT00616
      F149MRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer & mucous3 months4x4WellT2N0M0HT00617
      F243MRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer2 months2.5x1.5x1PoorlyT2N0M0HT00618
      F357FRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer2 months5x3.5x1WellT3N0M0HT00619
      F454MRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer7 months1.5x1x1ModeratelyT2N0M0HT00620
      F563MRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer2 years3x3x2ModeratelyT2N0M0HT00621
      F664FRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer2 monthsDiameter 4 cmModeratelyT2N0M0HT00622
      F774MRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer6 months1.5x1x0.8PoorlyT2N0M0HT00623
      F861MRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer3 months5x4x2ModeratelyT3N0M0HT00624
      F940FRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer10 months2.5x2.2x1.5ModeratelyT2N0M0HT00625
      F1073MRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer10 months4x3ModeratelyT2N1M0HT00626
      F1143MRectumAdenocarcinoma, ulcer1 month3.6x3.5x1.2Moderately - WellT2N0M0HT00627

      TNM Classification: Paraffin Carcinoma
        T - Primary Tumor
      • TX - Primary tumor cannot be assessed
      • TO - No evicence of primary tumor
      • Tis - Carcinoma in situ; intraepithelial or invasion of lamina propria
      • T1 - Tumor invades submucosa
      • T2 - Tumor invades muscularis propria
      • T3 - Tumor invades through muscularis propria into subserosa or into non-peritonealized pericolic or perirectal tissues.
      • T4 - Tumor directly invades other organs or structures and/or perforate visceral peritoneum
        N - Regional Lymph Nodes
      • NX - Regional lymph nodes cannot be assessed
      • NO - No regional lymph node metastasis
      • N1 - Metastasis in 1 to 3 regional lymph nodes
      • N2 - Metastasis in 4 or more regional lymph nodes
        M - Distant Metastasis
      • MX - Distant metastasis cannot be assessed
      • MO - No distant metastasis
      • M1 - Distant metas tasis


Packaging, Storage & Formulations

Store at 4C. Do not freeze.

Details for Array

Tissue Condition


64 Different Rectum tumors. Plus positive control and negative control


This product is for research use only and is not approved for use in humans or in clinical diagnosis. Tissue Micro Arrays are guaranteed for 1 year from date of receipt.

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