Lightning-Link® B-Phycoerythrin Antibody Labeling Kit


Flow Cytometry: Lightning-Link B-Phycoerythrin Antibody Labeling Kit [716-0010] - Mouse anti-human CD3 was conjugated with B Phycoerythrin using a Lightning-Link kit. The conjugated antibody was then used to stain human more

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B-Phycoerythrin (A=545;563, E=578)
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Antibody Labeling Kit

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Lightning-Link® B-Phycoerythrin Antibody Labeling Kit Summary

Lightning-Link antibody labeling kits enable the direct labeling of antibodies, proteins, peptides or other biomolecules for use in R&D applications, drug discovery and the development of diagnostic kits (See protocol for further information).

Our B-PE antibody labeling kit enables the direct conjugation of B-PE to any biomolecule with an available amine group. The researcher simply pipettes the antibody or other biomolecule into the vial of Lightning-Link R-PE and incubates for 3 hours.

Quick and easy to useSave time, no special knowledge required
No separation steps100% recovery - no antibody/protein loss
Can be used in a wide range of applicationsFlexible
Freeze driedShips at ambient temperature, long shelf-life
Fully scalable (10 ug to 1 g or more)Easy transfer from R&D to manufacturing
Stringently QC testedConsistent high quality, excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility
Large number of labels available Experimental flexibility
Reliable: nearly 300 referencesSuccessfully used in many fields of research

BPE is a fluorescent protein from the phycobiliprotein family from the cyanbacteria and eukaryotic algae. It has a strong absorption peak at about 546 nm and has an emission value of 580 nm.

B-Phycoerythrin is often thought to be less "sticky" than R-Phycoerythrin therefore BPE conjugates tend to produce less background signal from non-specific binding in certain applications

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Kit Type
Antibody Labeling Kit


  • Flow Cytometry
Application Notes
By circumventing the desalting or dialysis steps that commonly interrupt traditional antibody conjugation procedures, LightningLink technology can be used to label both small (e.g. 10 ug) and large quantities of primary antibodies with ease. Batch-to-batch variation upon scale up is minimal as the process is so simple, and recoveries are always 100%. This kit is supplied with 3 vials, each suitable for labeling up to 60 ug of antibody.
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Packaging, Storage & Formulations

Store at -20C.

Kit Components

  1. 1 or 3 glass vial(s) of Lightning-Link mix
  2. 1 vial of LL-Modifier reagent
  3. 1 vial of LL-Quencher reagent


This product is manufactured by Abcam and distributed by Novus Biologicals.

This product is for research use only and is not approved for use in humans or in clinical diagnosis. This product is guaranteed for 1 year from date of receipt and this statement overrides any mentioned guarantee period on the limitations section of this products datasheet. Please contact with questions.


Easy B-PE labeling of your antibody with 30 seconds hands-on time. B-Phycoerythrin (used in this kit) is a red protein from the light-harvesting phycobiliprotein family, isolated from cyanobacteria, red algae and cryptomonads. Due to its different subunit composition, B-PE has a slightly different absorbance and emission spectrum to RPE. Its absorption peak is at 545 nm and its emission peak is at 575. The Lightning-Link conjugation system represents a quantum leap forward in conjugation technology. It allows you to make antibody conjugates with minimal hands-on time - less than 30 seconds. Lightning-Link simplifies immunoassay techniques, such as western blotting, ELISA and immunohistochemistry, by eliminating secondary reagents and cutting the number of incubation and wash steps.

Despite its simplicity, Lightning-Link is a very sophisticated conjugation system in which the antibody is directionally coupled to the label (and not to itself) in a controlled fashion, creating high quality conjugates. As the procedure is not interrupted by desalting steps, trial conjugates can be prepared with microgram quantities of protein and then scaled up with ease. Lightning-Link eliminates problems associated with scale up; hands-on time is essentially independent of process scale. Consistency from batch to batch is easy to achieve, and recoveries approach 100%.


This product is for research use only and is not approved for use in humans or in clinical diagnosis. Kits are guaranteed for 6 months from date of receipt.

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FAQs for Lightning-Link (R) B-Phycoerythrin Kit (716-0010). (Showing 1 - 2 of 2 FAQs).

  1. Can I use your lightning-link kits to label other proteins rather than antibodies?
    • Yes, the kits work by using free amines, so as long as you have that the kit should work.
  2. I am trying to use the Lighting Link B-PE conjugation kit for staining Jurkat cells for FACS. Can I fix my stained cells with 0.5% formalin (in PBS) or will it affect the B-PE-antibody conjugation or the staining in general?
    • With regard to the Lightning Link kit for antibody labeling of B-PE (716-0010), the fixation of your cells for FACS analysis should not affect the labeling of your antibody. For the best results, we would suggest following a standard FACS protocol for imaging with a directly conjugated antibody. You would therefore want to fix your cells prior to incubating with the conjugated antibody. We would strongly recommend keeping the labeled antibody in the dark. B-PE is capable of photobleaching, and you should try to keep it away from light at all times. Once the antibody is conjugated to the dye, the product should be stable for quite some time. We have had some product last up to and beyond a year at 4C in a light tight vial. It is recommended that you do not expose a labeled antibody to freeze thaw cycles as this can reduce the stability of the label.

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