Novus Knows Flow Cytometry

The Novus flow cytometry panel builder tool streamlines the design process by enabling researchers to quickly search for validated antibodies that will work with a specific cytometer. Simply choose your pre-configured instrument, add your markers, and select products that are compatible with your instrument. After a fluorochrome/product is selected its associated channel is blocked, and in some cases, prompts the appearance of a warning message indicating multiple channels may be affected. These actions help to prevent adding incompatible fluorochromes to a panel. Once your panel is complete, you can export it, email it for review, or purchase your products to immediately get started on your experiment.

Advanced Features

  • Spectra Viewer – Custom analysis of spectra from multiple fluorochromes
  • Spillover Popups - Visualize the spectra of individual fluorochromes
  • Antigen Density Selector - Match fluorochrome brightness with antigen density

For questions on panel design, please review our flow cytometry resources, video tutorial, or contact technical services by email or Live Chat.