Necroptosis Pathway

Necroptosis is a programmed form of necrotic cell death which has been considered a form of passive cell death through regulated cell signaling pathways. The concept of necroptosis came from the discovery that TNFa-mediated necrosis can be inhibited by a specific inhibitor of RIP1 kinase, necrostatin-1. Necroptosis has now been established as a regulated necrotic cell death pathway controlled by RIP1 and RIP3 kinases. Necroptosis plays a role in various pathological forms of cell death, including ischemic brain injury, neurodegenerative diseases and viral infections.

autophagy pathway

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Necroptosis Signaling Pathway Products

Caspase 4 Caspase 8 FADD PARP
Noxa NFkB p65 RIPK1 RIPK3