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[HIF-1 alpha Antibody - NB100-134] Kanematsu S, Tanimoto K, Suzuki Y, Sugano S. Screening for possible miRNA-mRNA associations in a colon cancer cell line. Gene. 2013 Aug 9 [PMID: 23939471]

[Park7(DJ-1) Antibody - NB300-270] Minakawa EN, Yamakado H, Tanaka A, et al. Chicken DT40 cell line lacking DJ-1, the gene responsible for familial Parkinson's disease, displays mitochondrial dysfunction. Neurosci Res. 2013 Sep 21 [PMID: 24064392]

[Survivin Antibody - NB500-201] Takagi K, Ishida T, Miki Y, et al. Intratumoral concentration of estrogens and clinicopathological changes in ductal carcinoma in situ following aromatase inhibitor letrozole treatment. Br J Cancer 2013 Jul 9 [PMID: 23756858]


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