FFPE Tissue Extraction Kit

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FFPE Tissue Extraction Kit

The FFPE Tissue Extraction Kit from Novus is designed to isolate protein from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections. Slide sections cut from the same donor block or sample can be used to generate IHC localization and WB protein expression data for the same case (e.g., Case A Slide 1 for IHC, Case A Slide 2 for WB). The proteins extracted using this kit are suitable for analysis by western blot or reverse-phase array. After depariffinization of the section, tissue is incubated in an optimized lysis buffer at 2 different temperatures in a process that reverses cross-linking and untangles protein molecules. After a centrifugation step, the supernatant containing the released proteins is recovered. The extracted proteins can then be used in western blot analysis.

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  • Compare histological samples at the protein expression: Generate localization data by IHC and protein level data by WB from the same case.
  • Save unusable tissue sections: Extract protein from older FFPE blocks or formalin over-fixed tissue.
  • Optimized protocol: Easy to follow protocol eliminates extra steps, minimizes hands-on time, and reduces risk of experimental errors.

Extraction and analysis of proteins from FFPE tissues

Figure 1. Protein extraction comparison of histological samples on the protein level. Two breast cancer biopsy samples, both scored +2 for the tyrosine kinase HER2 by immunohistochemistry, were processed using the FFPE Tissue Extraction Kit and analyzed by protein lysate array and western blotting. In sample B, HER2 gene amplification was confirmed by FISH (data not shown). The housekeeping gene B-actin was analyzed as a control.