Drosophila melanogaster Antibodies: Fruit Fly Antibodies

Drosophila melanogaster, commonly called a “fruit fly”, is a popular model organism for gene and protein expression studies. D. melanogaster is useful due to their short generational cycle and high fecundity rate. Additionally, the flies’ development rate may be affected by the ambient temperature making them even easier to grow and observe in the lab. These characteristics have earned D. melanogaster an irreplaceable role in genetic research labs.

See a complete list of our D. melanogaster validated antibodies here.

Drosophila melanogaster Antibodies

Popular D. melanogaster Antibodies:

  1. c-Myc Antibody (NB600-302)
  2. Beta Actin Antibody (NB600-501)
  3. ATP5E Antibody (NBP1-42813)

Useful D. melanogaster Related Links:

  1. Flybase - A database dedicated to Drosophila genes andgenomes.
  2. Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project - Generates and maintains biological annotations for the euchromatic genome sequence of D. melanogaster.
  3. Drosophila Genetics Conference 2012–The 53rd Annual Drosophila Research Conference sponsored by The Genetics Society of America.

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