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Recombinant Human WFDC12 His ...
Recombinant Human WFDC12 His Protein
Species: Hu
Applications: PAGE


The WFDC12 gene encodes a member of the WAP-type four-disulfide core (WFDC) domain family. The WFDC domain, or WAP signature motif, contains eight cysteines forming four disulfide bonds at the core of the protein, and functions as a protease inhibitor. Most WFD


Entrez Human
Uniprot Human
Product By Gene ID 128488
Alternate Names
  • SWAM2
  • protease inhibitor WAP2
  • dJ211D12.4
  • single WAP motif protein 2
  • whey acidic protein 2
  • UNQ544/PRO844
  • C20orf122
  • putative protease inhibitor WAP12
  • WAP four-disulfide core domain 12

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