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The V beta8.3 TCR is a variant of the TCR beta chain. It is expressed by a subset of peripheral blood T cells and is increased in response to some viral infections and tumors. T cells expressing the alpha/ beta T cell receptor use clonally distributed TCRs to recognize cell-bound antigens such as peptide/MHC complexes and viral superantigens. The alpha/ beta TCR is an oligomeric TCR complex composed of covalently bound alpha and beta chains involved in antigen recognition and the non-covalently associated monomorphic proteins CD3 delta, gamma, epsilon, and ® chains. The 8C1 antibody has been used for the identification of T cells expressing V beta8.3 by flow cytometry.


Entrez Mouse
Product By Gene ID 6957
Alternate Names
  • TCRB
  • T-cell receptor, beta cluster
  • TRB
  • T-cell antigen receptor, beta polypeptide, T-cell receptor, beta cluster
  • T cell receptor beta locus

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