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Rubella Virus ELISA Kit (Colo ...
Rubella Virus ELISA Kit (Colorimet...
Applications: ELISA, QFN


Rubella, commonly known as German measles or 3-day measles, is an infection that primarily affects the skin and lymph nodes. It is caused by the rubella virus (not the same virus that causes measles), which is usually transmitted by droplets from the nose or throat that others breathe in. It can also pass through the bloodstream of a pregnant woman to infect her unborn child. As this is a generally mild disease in children, the primary medical danger of rubella is the infection of pregnant women, which may cause congenital rubella syndrome in developing babies.


Alternate Names
  • Coat protein
  • rubella capsid
  • p110
  • german measles capsid protein
  • german measles

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