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Reticulum Cells Antibody (ED1 ...
Reticulum Cells Antibody (ED11)
Species: Rt
Applications: ELISA, IHC, IHC-Fr
Host: Mouse Monoclonal


Dendritic cells (DCs) are known as the professional antigen presenting cells. DCs perform the important role of capturing and processing antigen and presenting it to naïve T-helper cells to initiate the immune response. Distinct subsets of DCs have been described, they include interdigitating reticulum cells. The antigen recognized by NB100-64648 is found on a subpopulation (approximately 5%) of circulating monocytes and peritoneal macrophages, as well as on in vitro LPS and IFN stimulated macrophages and on all macrophages after 3 weeks in culture. It is absent from all other blood cells. Detects a subpopulation of reticulum cells in T-cell areas of lymph nodes and spleen and their in vitro correlates. It is also useful for the detection of a macrophage subpopulation in the thymus. A minor but distinct population of leukocytes in the kidney cortex is also positively stained by ab15683. The antigen is absent in the skin.