Polarity Sensitive Indicator of Viability Products


pSIVA (Annexin XII) is an Annexin based, polarity sensitive probe for the spatiotemporal or kinetic analysis of apoptosis and other forms of cell death. pSIVA (Annexin XII) binding is reversible enabling researchers, for the first time, to detect transient PS exposure which is associated with normal physiological processes as well as with reversible or rescuable apoptosis cell death events. pSIVA (Annexin XII) is conjugated to IANBD, a polarity sensitive dye that fluoresces only when pSIVA is bound to the cell membrane. pSIVA's membrane-bound dependent fluorescence and reversible binding properties are a technological leap for detecting PS exposure and offer additional information on the apoptosis pathway and cell survival compared to Annexin V conjugates. Annexin V binding is nonreversible.


Alternate Names
  • kinetic apoptosis assay
  • kinetic apoptosis kit
  • kinetic measurement of apoptosis
  • apoptosis kinetics
  • apoptosis kit
  • apoptosis kit annexin v
  • apoptosis kit flow cytometry
  • apoptosis kit microscopy
  • Live cell imaging apoptosis kit
  • Live cell imaging assay
  • In-vivo imaging apoptosis assay
  • In-vivo imaging apoptosis kit
  • pSIVA