M13 bacteriophage Products


Can be used as a capture antibody when coated directly on microtiter plates, or as a primary detection antibody for specifically captured M13 or fd phage. May be useful in rapidly sorting large phage display libraries (antibody, peptide etc.) with the expressed proteins fused to either the gene III or gene VIII protein of the filamentous phage.May be used as a reagent in "phage ELISA" offering sensitive and specific activity for detection of recombinant phages.


Alternate Names
  • Coat protein A; Coat protein B; Coat protein C polypeptide I; Coat protein C polypeptide II; Coat protein D; G3P; III; IX; M13 coat protein A; M13 coat protein B; M13 coat protein C polypeptide I; M13 coat protein C polypeptide II; M13 coat protein D; M13