HRP Conjugate Stabilizer/Diluent Products


The performance of HRP conjugates diminishes over time. There are a number of factors that contribute to loss of performance including (i) inactivation of HRP, (ii) instability of the bond which links HRP to the antibody, (iii) microbial attack and (iv) denaturation of the antibody. Loss of performance accelerates with increasing temperature and with increasing dilution of conjugate. For these reasons HRP conjugates are often kept in a oncentrated form at 4C. LifeXtend conjugate stabilizer/diluent is a proprietary multi-component reagent system that protects antibody-HRP conjugates from all of the negative factors noted above, thus ensuring the best possible performance in experiments performed at room temperature. Moreover, the ability to store HRP conjugates at working concentration eliminates waste and improves consistency from experiment to experiment. In addition to its proprietary enzyme stabilizers, LifeXtend contains antimicrobial agents as well as blockers to enhance signal to background in immunoassay applications.