FliC Products


The FLIC-1 monoclonal antibody recognizes the flagellin subunit component FliC. FliC is a 51-44 kD protein expressed in many motile enteric bacteria including Salmonella and Escherichia. FliC is a subunit protein that polymerizes (along with other proteins) to form the filaments of bacterial flagella. Assembly of the bacterial flagellum occurs in a precise, temporal order where the basal component (FlgE, FlgK, and FlgL are assembled inside the bacterial membrane, followed by exportation of the filament cap protein FliD, and secretion of about 20,000 flagellin monomers (FliC) through the channel. FliC monomers become polymerized to form the tail filament. The C-terminus of FliC binds to the export chaperone FliS. This interaction is thought to facilitate FliC polymerization and prevent FliC from polymerizing prematurely in cytosol.


Alternate Names
  • Flagellin component FliC