Clostridia Spp. Products

Clostridia Spp. Antibody
Clostridia Spp. Antibody
Species: Ba
Applications: ELISA, ICC/IF, IHC, IHC-Fr
Host: Rabbit Polyclonal


Clostridia are a class of Firmicutes, including Clostridium and other similar genera. Clostridium is a genus of Gram-positive bacteria, that are obligate anaerobes capable of producing endospores. Clostridium includes common free-living bacteria as well as important pathogens. Clostridium chauvoei is the causative agent of blackleg in cattle, it is a very virulent pathogen of cattle that causes fever, depression, lameness, and a high level of mortality. Clostridium perfringens, which produces a huge array of invasins and exotoxins, causes wound and surgical infections that lead to gas gangrene, in addition to severe uterine infections. It is an important cause of food poisoning. Clostridium sordellii is a rare bacterium that causes pneumonia, endocarditis, arthritis, peritonitis, and myonecrosis. Clostridium novyi produces lethal toxins. It can cause malignant oedema (also known as false blackleg), necrotising fasciitis (commonly known as