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CD17, lactosylceramide, is an ubiquitous glycosphingolipid with uncharged disaccharide headgroup, highly enriched in lipid raft-derived structures. Besides playing a pivotal role in the biosynthesis of complex glycosphingilipids, lactosylceramide is involved in cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions and in signaling events linked to cell differentiation, development, apoptosis and oncogenesis. Lactosylceramide regulates integrin functions and production of nitric oxide. Its expression defines successive stages in the maturation of myeloid cells.


Alternate Names
  • Lactosylceramide
  • and amp;#223;-D-galactosyl-(1-4)- and amp;#223;-D-glucosyl-(1-1 and #039;)-ceramide

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