AAV4 VP3 Products

AAV4 VP3 Antibody
AAV4 VP3 Antibody
Species: All-NA, V-Vi
Applications: WB
Host: Rabbit Polyclonal


Adenoviruses are DNA viruses that cause upper respiratory tract infections, conjunctivitis, and other infections in humans. Adenoviruses were discovered in 1953. About 47 different types have been identified since then, and about half of them are believed to cause human diseases. Infants and children are most commonly affected by adenoviruses. Adenovirus infections can occur throughout the year, but seem to be most common from fall to spring. Adenoviruses are responsible for 3-5% of acute respiratory infections in children and 2% of respiratory illnesses in adults.


Alternate Names
  • Adenovirus 4
  • AdV 4