New NovActive â„¢ Growth Factors and Cytokines

NovActive™ proteins are the first commercially available growth factors and cytokines produced in barley endosperm, a eukaryotic plant host. Unlike other growth factors and cytokines produced in bacterial or mammalian hosts, NovActive™ products are free of serum carryover, proteases, pro-inflammatories, and bacterial/human/animal infectious agents. As barley endosperm is a eukaryote, our proteins display more natural folding and post-translational modification than those produced in a bacterial host. Our proteins also have the advantage of plant glycosylation, which has been shown to improve the stability of growth factors, shielding them from proteolytic activity and reducing the risk of aggregation in vitro. Use of the barley endosperm host helps us keep prices low –our proteins cost a fraction of products currently on the market. NovActive™ growth factors and cytokines are simple to use – simply reconstitute in water and add to your cell culture. NovActive™ growth factors and cytokines are as active as other commercially available products. Bioactivity testing is performed in-house and by independent third party institutions and has shown the activity of our proteins to be at least comparable to that of other proteins currently on the market. To guarantee consistent performance, every batch of NovActive™ growth factors and cytokines is tested for bioactivity. The product line is still expanding, so check frequently for new product updates. For more information please contact: Amy Chamberlain Product Marketing Manager Novus Biologicals, LLC 303-730-1950

Release Date: 
Friday, July 17, 2009 - 06:00