Imgenex is now part of Novus Biologicals! We are excited to bring Imgenex's innovative product line to our customers and to welcome Imgenex customers to the Novus family! Imgenex’s expertise in immunology, apoptosis and cancer research will provide Novus customers access to innovative new product lines, including antibodies, reporter cell lines, pathway inhibitors, assay kits and much more. This acquisition exemplifies Novus’ commitment to accelerate scientific discovery through the development and production of unique products for use in the life science research community. For more information, please read our press release.

How will this affect you?

Imgenex Customers:
As a valued Imgenex customer your order process is unchanged. We encourage you to update your purchasing records to reflect the new remittance and contact information, which is listed below. Please contact our customer service representatives with any questions or for additional information.

Novus Customers:
Novus customers can expect business as usual with an exciting and expanded product portfolio. If you have questions regarding our new product lines please contact our technical support team.

International customers:
Please consult our list of Novus distributors, or contact us at the numbers below for assistance.

Novus contact information

Novus USA
Novus Biologicals, LLC

10730 E. Briarwood Avenue
Centennial, CO 80112
Phone: 303-730-1950
Toll Free: 1-888-506-6887
Fax: 303-730-1966
Novus Canada
Novus Biologicals Canada, ULC

461 North Service Road West
Unit B37
Oakville, ON
L6M 2V5
Phone: 905.827.6400
Toll Free: 855-668-8722
Fax: 905-827-6402
Novus Europe
Novus Biologicals, Ltd.

12 Cambridge Science Park
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)1223 426001
Fax: +44 (0)871 971 1635

Imgenex Products

Reporter Cell Line Expression Assays:

  • LUCPorter™ – HEK293 cells stably transfected with various human genes.
  • SEAPorter™ – HEK293 cells stably co-transfected with human TLR and NF-kB genes.
  • Innate Immunity
  • Immunology
  • Apoptosis
  • Cancer
  • Signaling Pathways
  • Peptide Sets & Chemical Compounds
  • ActivELISA™ – ELISA kits for specific cytokine analysis.
  • OptiMax ™ – Perform highly sensitive, efficient and fast ELISA analysis.
Cell Viability/Apoptosis Assays:
  • CytoGLO™ – Annexin 5 based assay for flow
  • pSIVA™ – Annexin 7 based assays for flow and microscopy



Ordering Information

1. How can I order Imgenex products?
You may order your Imgenex products just as you always have. If you should need assistance with your order, contact our customer service department. The Novus Biologicals staff will provide all required ordering support. For the appropriate contact information, refer to the contact section above.

2. How do I search Imgenex products online?
Imgenex product information will continue to be available on Additionally, all Imgenex products will be available at It is quick and easy to find an Imgenex product at; simply enter the Imgenex catalog number into the search window and you will be routed to the corresponding Novus datasheet.

3. Does the Novus Guarantee apply to Imgenex products?
Novus Biologicals guarantees products for all of the applications and species listed on the datasheet. If our technical support team is unable to resolve a product issue, we will provide either a replacement or refund. Imgenex products are now fully supported by the Novus Guarantee. Read more about our guarantee here.

4. How long are the products guaranteed for?
Primary and secondary antibodies are guaranteed for a period of 1 year after receipt. For other product types, please see the related datasheet for the guarantee period.

5. I need additional information to update the vendor information from Imgenex to Novus Biologicals, who should I contact?
Contact the Novus customer service team at or call or 1-888-506-6887. They can provide information regarding sales tax and W9 payment details. Or download Novus W9 form here.