55,000+ Conjugated Antibodies

Why would you use a secondary when you don’t have to? Novus now offers over 53,000 conjugated primaries. Your target is now covered by a primary conjugated antibody in at least 14 color options to ensure it works optimally in your multicolor panel. Our newly developed conjugation procedure also ensures that these will be the brightest conjugates you’ve ever worked with. Try one in your next experiment or build a better panel designed for your specific instrument with Fluorofinder.

See our available conjugates.

What would you discover if you could select any antibody conjugated to any fluorophores or enzyme? How much antibody, sample and time are you losing preparing your own conjugates? Novus offers antibodies to over 3000 targets conjugated to 14+ colors each.

See what you’ve been missing and visualize your research In Full Color™:

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Select your panel of antibodies with unique dyes to enhance your ability to resolve multiple targets within a single sample.

Conjugation Kits and Custom Conjugation: Can’t find a commercially available conjugated antibody? Try our Lightning Link kits® easy to use, in-lab labeling, without antibody loss. Looking for custom conjugation services? We’re here to help! Contact our custom and bulk concierge.


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