EpCAM or CD326 - Take your pick

The type I transmembrane glycoprotein EpCAM is a monomeric membrane glycoprotein that is expressed on most epithelial cell membranes as well as on a variety of epithelial carcinomas. It contains an extracellular domain with two epidermal growth factor-like extracellular domain repeats adjacent to a ...

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CD79b - A Signal Transduction Component of the B-cell Receptor

The B-cell antigen receptor (BCR) is a complex multimeric aggregate that includes the following key noncovalently-bound components: antigen-specific surface immunoglobulin (Ig), CD79a (Ig-alpha), and CD79b (Ig-beta). BCR signaling is a pivotal pathway in tumorigenesis. The CD79 signaling subunits ar ...

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