CD19: An Undoubted Biomarker for B Cells

CD19 is a cell surface protein member of the large immunoglobulin superfamily that complexes with CD21, CD81, and CD225 in the membrane of mature B-cells. A major function of CD19 is to assemble with the antigen receptor of B-lymphocytes to decrease the threshold for receptor-dependent stimulation, ...

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Glucose-6-phosphatase (G6PC) - A key to regulate your blood sugar level!

The integral endoplasmic reticulum membrane-based enzyme G6PC hydrolyzes its substrate glucose-6-phosphate into glucose. Specifically, G6PC breaks down D-glucose 6-phosphate to D-glucose and orthophosphate. Because G6PC forms with the glucose-6-phosphate transporter (SLC37A4/G6PT), the resulting com ...

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