Protocol specific for SCP1 Antibody (NB300-229)

Immunofluorescence Procedure
1. Freshly prepared slides are soaked in 1X ADB for 75 minutes.
2. Primary antibodies are added concurrently (SCP1 and CDK2).
3. The primary antibodies are incubated overnight in a hudid chamber (37 degrees Celcius).
4. The slides are washed for 40 minutes in 1X ADB.
5. The slides are detected with the appropriate secondary antibodies (RDAR for SCP1 and FDAM for CDK2).
6. The slides are incubated for 4 hours in a humid chamber (37 degrees Celcius).
7. The slides are washed for 20 minutes in 1X ADB, followed by 3 washes, 10 minutes each, in 1X PBS.
8. The slides are counterstained with DAPI.
9. Images are captured after allowing the slides to remain in the dark overnight at RT.