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Antibody Pairs
Measure a protein of interest with the capture and detection antibody.
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Antibody Packs
Test a panel of antibodies with similarly targeted antibodies.
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Isotype Controls
Estimate non-specific binding of an antibody to an antigen.
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DyLight Fluor Fluorescent Dyes
Find photostable fluorescent tags for labeling antibodies and other molecular probes.
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Search for lysates by species, tissue type, life stage, protein state and more.
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OLLAS Epitope Tag System
Check out a new, highly sensitive tag which provides superior functionality.
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Utilize Novus’ range of slides for immunohistochemistry, in-situ hybridization and HE Staining.
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Support Products
View our range of support products for research assays.
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View our LUCPorter & SEAPorter Expression Assays.
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Browse our Inhibitors by family including caspase inhibitors, NF-kB pathway and more.
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Bioactive Proteins
Greater than 90% pure, bioactivity 100% guaranteed.
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Find RNAi from our range of products for a diagnostic research tool.
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      TLR Ligands
View our TLR Ligands.
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