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Sulfatiduria: Disease Bioinformatics

Research of Sulfatiduria has been linked to Leukodystrophy, Metachromatic, Leukodystrophy, Hereditary Diseases, Retinal Degeneration, Retinal Depigmentation. The study of Sulfatiduria has been mentioned in research publications which can be found using our bioinformatics tool below. Sulfatiduria has been researched in relation to the Sulfation Pathway. This pathway complements our catalog of research reagents for the study of Sulfatiduria including antibodies and ELISA kits against ARSA, DEGS1.

Sulfatiduria Bioinformatics Tool

Laverne is a handy bioinformatics tool to help facilitate scientific exploration of related genes, diseases and pathways based on co-citations. Explore more on Sulfatiduria below! For more information on how to use Laverne, please read the How to Guide.
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Top Research Reagents

We have 31 products for the study of Sulfatiduria that can be applied to Western Blot, Immunohistochemistry from our catalog of antibodies and ELISA kits.

Arylsulfatase A/ARSA was detected in immersion fixed paraffin-embedded sections of human liver using 1.7 µg/mL Human Arylsulfatase A/ARSA Antigen Affinity-purified Polyclonal Antibody (Catalog # AF2485) overnight at 4 °C. Tissue was stained with the Anti-Goat HRP-DAB Cell & Tissue Staining Kit  (brown; Catalog # <A class=

Goat Polyclonal
Species Human
Applications WB, IHC, IP

1 Publication
Western Blot: DEGS1 Antibody [NBP1-59941] - Human Muscle lysate, concentration 0.2-1 ug/ml.Immunohistochemistry: DEGS1 Antibody [NBP1-59941] - Human Lung Tissue Observed Staining: Cytoplasm of pneumocytes Primary Antibody Concentration: 1 : 600 Secondary Antibody: Donkey anti-Rabbit-Cy3 Secondary Antibody Concentration: 1 : 200 Magnification: 20X Exposure Time: 0.5 - 2.0 sec.

Rabbit Polyclonal
Species Human
Applications WB, IHC

Related Genes

Sulfatiduria has been researched against:

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Sulfatiduria has been linked to:

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Alternate Names

Sulfatiduria is also known as Sulphatiduria.