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Stage 0is Urethral Cancer: Disease Bioinformatics

Urethral cancer occurs when malignant cells form in the transitional cells (urothelial cells) that line the organs in the renal pelvis (organs that assist in the draining of urine), specifically the urethra. Because its origin is in transitional cells, urethral cancer can be grouped under a larger category of transitional cell cancer known as urothelial cancer. Treatments for urethral cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. In stage 0 of urethral cancer, also known as carcinoma in situ, abnormal cells are found in the inside lining of the urethra. These cells may develop into cancer with time and spread to distant locations throughout the body.

Stage 0is Urethral Cancer Bioinformatics Tool

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Stage 0is Urethral Cancer is also known as Carcinoma In Situ Of The Urethra, Carcinoma In Situ Of Urethra, Urethral Carcinoma In Situ.