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Pseudoneurotic Schizophrenias: Disease Bioinformatics

Pseudoneurotic Schizophrenia is when there are multiple neurotic symptoms. These symptoms usually include anxiety, phobias, and obsessive compulsive characteristics. The cause of Pseudoneurotic Schizophrenia is still unclear, but some think it is triggered by a tragic event or family history of the disorder. Pseudoneurotic Schizophrenia usually progress slowly during the teen years is treated with antipsychotic medications which most people stay on for life.

Pseudoneurotic Schizophrenias Bioinformatics Tool

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Top Research Reagents

We have 212 products for the study of Pseudoneurotic Schizophrenias that can be applied to Western Blot, Immunocytochemistry/Immunofluorescence, Flow Cytometry, Immunohistochemistry from our catalog of antibodies and ELISA kits.

SDS-Page: Recombinant Human PRH2 Protein [H00005555-P01] - 12.5% SDS-PAGE Stained with Coomassie Blue.

Species Human

Immunocytochemistry/Immunofluorescence: TMEM37 Antibody [NBP2-47602] - Immunofluorescent staining of human cell line Hep G2 shows localization to nucleus, nucleoli fibrillar center & cytosol.Immunohistochemistry-Paraffin: TMEM37 Antibody [NBP2-47602] - Staining in human kidney and pancreas tissues using anti-TMEM37 antibody. Corresponding TMEM37 RNA-seq data are presented for the same tissues.

Rabbit Polyclonal
Species Human
Applications ICC/IF, IHC, IHC-P

Western Blot: TRIM25 Antibody (5B5B12) [NBP2-61814] - Analysis using TRIM25 mAb against HEK293 (1) and TRIM25 (AA: 211-360)-hIgGFc transfected HEK293 (2) cell lysate.Immunocytochemistry/Immunofluorescence: TRIM25 Antibody (5B5B12) [NBP2-61814] - Analysis of Hela cells using TRIM25 mouse mAb (green). Blue: DRAQ5 fluorescent DNA dye. Red: Actin filaments have been labeled with Alexa Fluor- 555 phalloidin. Goat anti-Mouse IgG (H+L) DyLight 488 secondary antibody was used.

Mouse Monoclonal
Species Human
Applications WB, ELISA, Flow

Immunohistochemistry-Paraffin: Progesterone R/NR3C3 Antibody (Alpha PR6) [NB120-2765] - Staining of human uterus tissue.

Mouse Monoclonal
Species Human, Mouse, Rat
Applications WB, ICC/IF, IHC

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Alternate Names

Pseudoneurotic Schizophrenias is also known as Pseudoneurotic Schizophrenia.