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Multiple Brain Anomalies: Disease Bioinformatics

There are a large number of anomalies that involve the cranium and the brain, and many of them occur as a result of disorders that are present before or at birth. The anomalies stem from developmental issues of the nervous system, and they typically lead to debilitating disorders as well as death in some cases. There is not a single factor which causes brain and cranium anomalies, but can be the effect of genetic conditions, medicines taken during pregnancy, maternal infection, or radiation. An example of brain and cranium anomalies includes anencephaly, where the cephalic end of the neural tube doesn’t close, which results in the baby being born without a forebrain and is blind, deaf and unconsciousness, and has a very small chance of ever waking up. Other common brain and cranium anomalies are colpocephaly, holoprosencephaly, hydranencephaly, iniencephaly, lissencephaly, megalencephaly, microcephaly, porencephaly and schizencephaly. Multiple brain anomalies are possible in a single patient, which results in a serious neurological disorder, and in many cases death.

Multiple Brain Anomalies Bioinformatics Tool

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Multiple Brain Anomalies is also known as Multiple Anomalies Of Brain.