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Autoimmune Aplastic Anaemia: Disease Bioinformatics

Autoimmune Aplastic Anemia is a disease where bone marrow does not sufficiently produce enough new cells to replenish old cells. Red and white cells, as well as platelets, are mistakenly damaged by the body's immune system. Because the bone marrow does not create new cells as quickly as the immune system is destroying the old cells, there is a lack of cells in the blood. Most cases of Autoimmune Aplastic Anemia have unknown cause. Some speculate causes for Autoimmune Aplastic Anemia may be to toxins, radiations used to treat other autoimmune disorders, and pregnancy. Autoimmune Aplastic Anemia is typically diagnosed in the teens-20s but is also found among older individuals. Immunosuppressive drug therapy, as well as bone marrow and stem cell transplantations, are effective treatments for Autoimmune Aplastic Anemia.

Autoimmune Aplastic Anaemia Bioinformatics Tool

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Autoimmune Aplastic Anaemia is also known as Autoimmune Aplastic Anemia.