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Anoxia-ischemia, Brain: Disease Bioinformatics

Anoxia of the brain, otherwise known as cerebral anoxia, occurs when the brain is completely depleted of oxygen for an extended period of time, and can lead to brain damage, comas, or even death. Many factors can lead to the brain receiving adequate oxygen, including traumatic brain injuries, brain tumors, and heart attacks. Anoxia-ischemia of the brain occurs due to a lack of blood flow to the brain, leading to the depletion of oxygen in the brain cells. This is typically considered in cases of birth asphyxia and cardiac arrest. Brain cells can begin to die within five minutes of oxygen deprivation, and there is no treatment to restore brain function once it is gone.

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Anoxia-ischemia, Brain is also known as Brain Ischemia-anoxia.