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Ankle Flare: Disease Bioinformatics

Research of Ankle Flare has been linked to Varicosity, Venous Insufficiency, Ulcer, Edema, Thrombosis. The study of Ankle Flare has been mentioned in research publications which can be found using our bioinformatics tool below. Ankle Flare has been researched in relation to the Localization Pathway. This pathway complements our catalog of research reagents for the study of Ankle Flare including antibodies and ELISA kits against ARHGAP4, C2, C3, C5, C6.

Ankle Flare Bioinformatics Tool

Laverne is a handy bioinformatics tool to help facilitate scientific exploration of related genes, diseases and pathways based on co-citations. Explore more on Ankle Flare below! For more information on how to use Laverne, please read the How to Guide.
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Top Research Reagents

We have 287 products for the study of Ankle Flare that can be applied to Flow Cytometry, Western Blot, Immunocytochemistry/Immunofluorescence, Immunohistochemistry from our catalog of antibodies and ELISA kits.

Western Blot: BLOC1S2 Antibody (8C10) [H00282991-M01] - Analysis of BLOC1S2 expression in transfected 293T cell line by BLOC1S2 monoclonal antibody (M01), clone 8C10.Lane 1: BLOC1S2 transfected lysate (Predicted MW: 16 KDa).Lane 2: Non-transfected lysate.Sandwich ELISA: BLOC1S2 Antibody (8C10) [H00282991-M01] - Detection limit for recombinant GST tagged BLOC1S2 is 0.03 ng/ml as a capture antibody.

Mouse Monoclonal
Species Human
Applications WB, ELISA, S-ELISA

Western Blot: hnRNP C1 + C2 Antibody (CL2593) [NBP2-36776] - Lane 1: Marker [kDa]  Lane 2:Human cell line U-251 MGImmunocytochemistry/Immunofluorescence: hnRNP C1 + C2 Antibody (CL2593) [NBP2-36776] - Staining in U251 cell line with Anti-HNRNPC monoclonal antibody, showing distinct nuclear (without nucleoli) staining in green. Microtubule- and nuclear probes are visualized in red and blue respectively (where available). Antibody staining is shown in green.

Mouse Monoclonal
Species Human
Applications WB, ICC/IF, IHC

Western Blot: ARHGAP4 Antibody [NBP1-88527] - Lane 1: Marker [kDa] 219, 112, 85, 49, 32, 25, 18<br/>Lane 2: Human cell line RT-4<br/>Lane 3: Human cell line U-251MG sp<br/>Lane 4: Human cell line A-431<br/>Lane 5: Human liver tissue<br/>Lane 6: Human tonsil tissueImmunocytochemistry/Immunofluorescence: ARHGAP4 Antibody [NBP1-88527] - Staining of human cell line U-2 OS shows no positivity.

Rabbit Polyclonal
Species Human, Mouse, Rat
Applications WB, ICC/IF, IHC

1 Publication
Immunocytochemistry/Immunofluorescence: Complement C3 Antibody (11H9) [NB200-540] - C3 protein fragments deposited on  kidney cells of MPL-lpr mouse. Staining with antibody 11H9. Glomerular staining pattern.Immunohistochemistry-Paraffin: Complement C3 Antibody (11H9) [NB200-540] - IHC-P detection of Complement C3 protein in a formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue section of mouse liver using 1 : 100 dilution of Complement C3 antibody (clone 11H9) NB200-540. Weak but distinct membrane-cytoplasmic immunopositivity was observed in hepatocytes and few cells developed punctate membrane staining.

Rat Monoclonal
Species Mouse
Applications WB, Flow, IA

1 Publication
Western Blot: PFDN4 Antibody [NBP1-88526] - Lane 1: Marker [kDa] 250, 130, 95, 72, 55, 36, 28, 17, 10<br/>Lane 2: Negative control (vector only transfected HEK293T lysate)<br/>Lane 3: Over-expression lysate (Co-expressed with a C-terminal myc-DDK tag (~3.1 kDa) in mammalian HEK293T cells, LY419198)Immunocytochemistry/Immunofluorescence: PFDN4 Antibody [NBP1-88526] - Staining of human cell line A-431 shows positivity in nucleus, nucleoli, vesicles & cell junctions.

Rabbit Polyclonal
Species Human
Applications WB, ICC/IF, IHC

Western Blot: Complement C6 Antibody [NBP2-30078] - Western blot analysis of C6 Antibody (N-term) (NBP2-30078) in MDA-MB231 cell line lysates (35ug/lane). C6 (arrow) was detected using the purified Pab.Immunocytochemistry/Immunofluorescence: Complement C6 Antibody [NBP2-30078] - Confocal immunofluorescent analysis of C6 Antibody (N-term)(NBP2-30078) with MDA-MB231 cell followed by Alexa Fluor 488-conjugated goat anti-rabbit lgG (green). DAPI was used to stain the cell nuclear (blue).

Rabbit Polyclonal
Species Human
Applications WB, Flow, ICC/IF


Goat Polyclonal
Species Human
Applications WB

Western Blot: PSMA7 Antibody (1A10-3G12) [H00005688-M01] - PSMA7 monoclonal antibody (M01), clone 1A10-3G12. Analysis of PSMA7 expression in human omentum, serous carcinoma.Immunocytochemistry/Immunofluorescence: PSMA7 Antibody (1A10-3G12) [H00005688-M01] - Analysis of monoclonal antibody to PSMA7 on HeLa cell. Antibody concentration 1 ~ 10 ug/ml.

Mouse Monoclonal
Species Human
Applications WB, ELISA, ICC/IF

     1 Review

2 Publications
Western Blot: PTS Antibody [NBP1-32975] - Sample (30 ug of whole cell lysate) A: H1299 15% SDS PAGE; antibody diluted at 1:1000.Immunocytochemistry/Immunofluorescence: PTS Antibody [NBP1-32975] - Analysis of methanol-fixed HeLa, using antibody at 1:100 dilution.

Rabbit Polyclonal
Species Human
Applications WB, ICC/IF, IHC

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Alternate Names

Ankle Flare is also known as Corona Phlebectatica.