Novus Biologicals antibodies now on SeekProducts

Novus is working with the antibody search engine SeekProducts, which provides an extensive list of antibodies with an advanced antibody search and browse interface that incorporates peer-reviewed publication information — demonstrated utility, validated applications and cross-reactivity, used for specific research area, and more — for 2,480,000+ antibodies from 100 suppliers and growing.

About Novus Biologicals
Novus Biologicals is a biotechnology company whose mission is to accelerate scientific discovery by developing and marketing unique products in the forefront of science. Novus Biologicals provides primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, conjugated antibodies, proteins, peptides, isotype and loading controls, RNAi, lysates, stem cell lines and antibody labeling kits to the bioscience community. All of Novus' products are 100% guaranteed to work in the species and applications listed on the datasheet. By serving niche and emerging markets, Novus Biologicals has formed and will continue to form ongoing partnerships with leading researchers.

About SeekProducts
SeekProducts is a products search portal for the life sciences designed for use directly by researchers who need to identify validated products for their experiments. SeekProducts is based on knowledge embedded in the scientific literature and the World Wide Web. Researchers are able to immediately identify and select products with confidence based on demonstrated utility as cited in peer-reviewed publications. The SeekProducts portal is provided through a web-based tool that is easy and intuitive, and is free to use.

About SeekQuence Inc.
SeekQuence, headquartered in Mountain View, California, provides products and services built upon the vast amount of information provided in the scientific literature and the World Wide Web. This information content, which is the foundation for all products and services, is managed in SeekBase. SeekBase is the knowledge core of SeeQuence. The extensive knowledge of content includes reagents, tools, and devices used in the scientific world, what research applications they have been used for, by what researcher, purchased from which supplier, and published in what peer-reviewed publications. Applying computational and analytical methods, SeekQuence establishes relationships between these different entities. For additional information, visit

SeekQuence Inc.
Brigitte Ganter

Release Date: 
Friday, February 20, 2015 - 07:00